The Best Place in Lima for Sunset: Parque Del Amor

On the beautiful pacific coast on the western coast of South America, Lima is the perfect place to take in a sunset. Located in Miraflores, the best place in Lima for sunset is Parque Del Amor. This is a lovely spot to wander round and explore but also has incredible views.

The Best Place in Lima for Sunset in Parque Del Amor
The Perfect Sunset Spot in Lima!

What is Parque Del Amor?

Parque del Amor is a garden dedicated to love and art sculptures about love. There are colourful mosaic benches as well as sculptures to admire. The golden hour light of sunset is makes the colours of the mosaics and art extra special.

Parque Del Amor Mosaics
The beautiful mosaics in Parque Del Amor

Where is Parque Del Amor?

The Parque Del Amor is in the Miraflores district of Lima. It is within walking distance of Barranco district too. Parque del Amor is located on the road Malecon de la Reserva after the bridge at the intersection with Malecon Balta. There are footpaths that make it very accessible by foot.

Why is Parque Del Amor The Best Place in Lima for Sunset?

Parque del Amor is on top of the cliffs above the beaches below. There is perfect view of the sun setting over the beaches below and a lovely view of the sea making it the best place in Lima for sunset. As well as this, there are many benches or seats to sit on and just relax and take in the sunset.

The Best Place in Lima for Sunset from Parque Del Amore
View from Parque Del Amor with Paragliders

There is a small creperie in Parque Del Amor called Beso Francés Crepería. The creperie has tables overlooking the water which is a lovely place for an evening drink or an early dinner spot.

As well as this, the paragliding take off spot is just next to the Parque del Amor so you have a great place to watch the paragliders take off. There is a large surfing spot just below so its also a great place to watch the surfers below.  

The Perfect Sunset Picture in Parque Del Amor

My favourite picture of sunset in Parque Del Amor is lying on the top of the mosaic benches with the sunset in the background. The contrast of the colourful tiles with the colours of the sunset is just stunning. You can get really playful with the shapes of the mosaics and the position you are sitting in. Here is one of my attempts, I actually prefer the one where I was being really silly than looking serious, but that is just me!

Silly Sunset Photo!

Find the Sculpture of a Couple kissing

In the centre of Parque del Amore there is the statue of a couple sharing a kiss. This sculpture is called ‘El Beso’ (The Kiss) and is made by Victor Delfin. There is seating all around the statue which is a nice place to relax and chill out. You will find people selling photos with the statue and snacks too.

The Best Place in Lima for Sunset couple kissing in Parque Del Amor
The Kissing Couple in Parque Del Amor

Lock in your love

In true Parisien style, there is a section of fence that you lock a padlock to ‘lock in your love’ as a couple. The fence overlooks the water and is a really pretty spot. There are many padlocks here already so why not add to it with your initials as a couple.

Love Locks in Parque Del Amor
Love locks in Parque Del Amor

After Sunset

After the sun has set, walk down from Parque Del Amor to Miraflores beach. There is a footpath along the Bajada de Clubes all the way to the coast. This is a great place to have an early evening walk to watch the colours change to even more red.

Sunset on Miraflores Beach
The after sunset view from Miraflores Beach

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