How to Travel Abroad during a Pandemic

Travelling during a pandemic can seem really daunting and sometimes impossible. But if you want to or have to travel abroad here are some ways to do it as safely and easily as possible.

Masks were mandatory when I visited Paris recently – I think it quite adds to the photo!

Research Research Research

I cannot stress enough how important doing your research is! Especially as the rules change so frequently at the moment make sure you are in the know of the current situation. Things you need to know before you leave:

  • The rules of your current country. Are you allowed to leave? Or must you have a reason to leave th country eg for work?
  • The entry requirements for the destination country. Is quarantine or testing required? Or are the borders closed completely?
  • The rules of your destination. It’s brilliant if you can enter a country but what if all of the tourist sites you want to see are closed? Is there a curfew that must be respected? Be sure not to break any social distancing laws.
  • Check the rules to come back home and if you need to quarantine when you come back.

There are lots of websites to help with this research. My personal favourite is . Be sure to check the government websites to make sure the information is up to date.

Arrival rules to enter the U.K. mean you have to send a covid test in the post!

History is Key

A good idea would be to look at the history of the travel regulations for your destination country. Does this country have a history of closing/opening it’s boarders? Does it change the regulations often and last minute? It could be a good indicator of their future policies.

Expect the unexpected

As we have all learnt within the last year, it is time to prepare for the unknown. Expect disruptions to your trip and be prepared for plans to change last minute. This brings me on to my next point….

My passport seems to be filled with extra documents required to travel every time I travel at the moment!

Be Insured!

If you are the type of person to take the risk and not travel with insurance, now is not the time. Make sure you take out insurance to cover medical treatment from covid as well as travel plans being disrupted due to changes in regulations.

Be Safe

It goes without saying that we all know what to do to protect ourselves and others from Covid-19. This doesn’t change just because you have changed country. Wash your hands frequently, wear a mask and keep your distance.

I hope this helped you on your next trip, let me know in the comments!

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