16 Best Things to Eat and Drink in Uganda

I always think the best way to explore a country is through your stomach! And Uganda is no different. Uganda has some great food to offer from the very adventurous to very tame. Discover here the weird and wonderful things to try on your trip to Uganda. I spent over 2 months in Uganda and from this I have learnt Best things to eat and drink in Uganda.

Food market in Uganda

The Best Things to Eat and Drink in Uganda: FOOD!

1) Grasshoppers

Yes, you heard me right. Grasshoppers. To be honest when I heard this, I was a bit disgusted and said I wouldn’t try it. But I caved and actually they were quite nice! They are usually served fried with some lovely spices. They tasted a little bit like crispy onions.

2) Matoke

Matoke is the true staple food in Uganda. It is made from savoury bananas (green ones you will see often on the side of the road). Many Ugandans will eat this for breakfast lunch and dinner. It is cooked in banana leaves and sometimes served in banana leaf. It tastes a little bit like mashed potatoes with a banana-ish taste.

Matoke posho and bean dish
Matoke (yellow) and Posho (white)

3) Posho

Posho is flour mixed with water that forms a very thick paste. It is a staple food most Ugandan children grow up eating at school. It does not have a strong taste when eaten alone but with a nice sauce it is very tasty.

4) Fruit

I have had some of the nicest fruit while staying in Uganda. From very sweet bananas to delicious pineapple. Most of the fruits that you will find have been grown locally and will be in season.

5) Chapati

You may think that this is an Indian speciality, but it is actually another staple in Uganda. Chapati is a flat bread that is eaten with sauce or curry.

Food dish with potatoes, rish and chapati
A dish ‘with everything’

6) A dish ‘with everything’

So you can order a stew (maybe a goat or chicken) with an accompaniment of ‘everything’. This will be a stew with every type of carb you could wish: matoke, potatoes, posho, rice, pumpkins, cassava with possibilities of more! This is the true traditional dish and is absolutely delicious so make sure you are hungry.

7) Rolex

Rolex is an omelette and a chapati rolled up in one. You can often find them on side of the road as well as in restaurants, they are everywhere! They can be accompanied with meat or vegetables.

A rolex chapati wrap from uganda

8) Goat

Goat is very commonly eaten in Uganda. Whether it be in a sauce, roasted or just fried. If you haven’t tried goat before, Uganda is the place to try it.

9) Street food

You can grab some great street food in Uganda. If you happen to pull over on the side of the road at a food stop, you will be offered many varieties. If you are on a tight budget, street food is the best option for you.

Roasted corn or ‘corn on the cob’ is a great one if you are peckish. It is just roasted corn simply on a fire and can be nice a crispy, better when served hot.

Grilled sweetcorn, street food in Uganda
Roasted Corn Street food

If you are a meat eater, there are lots of spots to find barbecued sticks of meat on the side of the road too, usually beef pork or goat.

10) Ground nut sauce

Ground nut (often called G-nuts) sauce is often served as an accompaniment to a meal. It is a lovely nutty sauce that is a great addition to the other flavours of your meal.

11) Irish

In Uganda potatoes are called Irish. Although potatoes are not particularly different to eat it is good to know that they are called something different. It can be very confusing!

Vegatable market stall in Uganda

The Best Things to Eat and Drink in Uganda: DRINKS!

12) Coffee

Coffee is grown in Uganda and you will often see it drying on the floor on the side of the road. As the coffee beans are picked they are red or green in colour. They will be laid in the sun to dry for 2-4 weeks as they become black. Many locals will even just eat the dried beans rather than in a drink if you want to give that a go. If not, get some of the freshest coffee and have a cup while you are there.

13) Bushera

Bushera is a local drink that is made of grains and water. It can be fermented so can be alcoholic. Bushera is seen as a healthy drink full of energy and very popular in western Uganda.

14) Wagari Gin

If you like gin, definitely get some in Uganda. The Ugandan Brand is Wagari and it actually has many different flavours to try!

Banana juice with bananas
Banana Juice

15) Fruit Juices

As Uganda is home to some of the nicest fruits, why not have them in juice form? I became a new fan of fresh watermelon juice while I was there! Some of the more different juices I had was banana juice and avocado/passionfruit – both were delicious.

16) Nile Beer

Nile beer is the flagship beer of Uganda, no better place than to refresh with a cold one!

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