10 Best Things to do in Bellagio

Why visit Bellagio

Bellagio is a small town on the coast of Lake Como. The views from the town over the lake are simply stunning but the town itself is lovely. The town has beautiful colourful buildings with flowers of all colours featured heavily across the town.

I road tripped around Italy for 2 weeks and Bellagio was one of my favourite spots I visited.

View over Lake Como

How to get to Bellagio

Bellagio is accessible by car although the road is quite small and windy. It is approximately 1h45 drive from Milan. There is no train access to the town itself although you can get a train to Como town and take a taxi from there. If you prefer not to drive the small windy roads, you can access Bellagio by car ferry from most of the local towns on Como lake. You can find the ferry timetable here.

The beautiful back streets of Bellagio

Where to stay in Bellagio

When I visited Bellagio I actually camped just outside of the town at a lovely campsite called camping Clarke. It had really nice views over the town and was approximately 20 mins to the centre of town. If you are not camping,

View from my campsite

10 things to do in Bellagio

Get lost in the streets of Bellagio

The beautiful architecture of Bellagio is one of the most exciting things about it. Get lost in the winding streets to find lovely spots. The colours of the buildings and the balconies are more than enough to feast your eyes upon.

The backstreets

Dinner or drinks with a view of Lake Como

The best way to explore Italy is through your stomach. Take a break with a lovely pizza or Aperol spritz with an incredible view. My personal favourite coffee spot is Bar Sanremo; you can relax in the shade of some vines it’s a really special spot.

Boat trip on Lake Como

The best way to enjoy the lake is in the water right?? Take a boat ride to explore lake como and see Bellagio from a different angle. If you are feeling active and adventurous why not try wakeboarding or waterskiing.

Hill top view of Bellagio

Take one of the many paths or cycle tracks from Bellagio out into the hills. This gives beautiful views over both the town of Bellagio and also Lake Como. There are many hiking trails to choose from depending on how long or how much you want to climb

Hill top view over Bellagio

Stroll along the boulevard of Bellagio

Bellagio has a beautiful lakeside boulevard to stroll along. With flowers at every possible moment, it is a perfect place to take in the beauty of the water and surrounding countryside.

Boulevard of Bellagio

Dinner in the sky

Not for those who fear heights…. there is a dining in the air set up in Bellagio! You are in for the whole evening to watch sunset over the lake as you eat dinner, what an experience! Only during certain periods of the year, make sure to search and book in advance.

Lunch at Refuge Martina

Rifugia Martina is a beautiful refuge you can stay at or just have a lunch with a view. This was one of the highlights of my trip, it was lovely. I chose to walk up to the refuge which was a relatively long walk and lots of sections on road meaning it wasn’t the most interesting walk. The refuge is accessible by car. There is a walk to this mountain top that is accessible from the refuge. Be warned that this is a very steep walk although the views are stunning.

The view from Rifugio Martina

Basilica of San Giacomo

In the centre of Bellagio, Basilica San Giacomo is one of the most beautiful churches in Bellagio. Built between the 11th and 12th century this building has a fascinating history and not to be missed during your visit of Bellagio.

Bike ride

If you want to burn some extra energy or explore more of the countryside, why not rent a bike. There are many mountain bike trails or even use the roads to explore the surrounding area.

Buy some local goods

Whether its food, wine or clothes. Bellagio has many local shops to buy presents for yourself or loved ones. Walk the streets to find the shops that are best for you.

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